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Registered Charity No: 1094696

Domestic Violence Support Service for Men & Women


Who We Are

Voice for Change Domestic Violence Support established in 1996 is a registered charity staffed entirely by committed volunteers with a range of experience. Staff have long experience in refuge work, domestic violence services, counselling and social work.

Who We Support

We provide a range of services for women, men and young people affected by domestic abuse - as a victim, perpetrator or both - including those in current or past hetrosexual or same sex relationships. Abuse is not necessary physical. Abuse may include physical or sexual violence, threats, control, manipulation, humilation, stalking it can happen at any age, during preganancy or after and can encompass other forms of domestic or relationship abuse.

Address: Voice4Change, The Old Museum, Church Road, Waterloo, L22 5NB

T: 0151 345 8499


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